With this driver I feel confident of a dead straight tee ball, and usually get it, or else a tiny little fade that I like just as much. The open face on the Tour version combined with the shallower profile allowed me to work the ball, while the elongated non-Tour version did quite well at keeping my drives straight. Would like to pick up a XL. I finally got out on a course 2 weeks ago, and as is always the case, was running late, meaning absolutely no warm ups or practice shots. That is saying something as with every driver I have purchased, the first thing I do is change out the grip. Must have been having an ordinary day, as the FT3 was definitely shorter and more prone to reacting to a bad swing, with a fade and some snap hooks.

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I had an illegal XD but this goes longer and with a fantastic boring flight. As I said at the beginning of this review, I normally play a fade, so this was a welcome surprise.

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The Ball fly high but the distance reduce to to yd. This move has really made me loose confidence in the club itself. Cleeland shaft and loft options and find the one that launches correctly for you.


The Tour version is only available in three lofts 8. Honestly this was awesome!!!!

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Cleveland HiBore XL Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 35 reviews –

I clevland now bought the 3 wood and its the same. Spin will make the flight higher and keep the ball in the air. Eating up the fairway on Par 4’s and 5’s plenty of Par or even Birdie putts to follow.

Recent studies have shown that over time, titanium faced drivers can damage your hearing similiar to a gunshot.

Cleveland HiBore XL Driver Reviews

I hit the XL 8. This driver has made a huge difference to my game. In Florida we have lots of French Canadians who come down and love golf. The best driver i’ve ever hit But I do not like tip active because the tip of gold shaft is too much soft and when I shot I feel that the head is not square but a little behindso my ball goes on the right.

Performance During testing on the range, I put each club to my ultimate test. Most of my drives were easily over had one land on the green that was and another just shy of yds. It is more flexible than the Speeder in stiff and I like the pop it gives the ball and the driving ball flight as well. Am going to buy one! I seldom hit it further thanexcept with hard ground or a tailwind. This guy was bombing it with missle launches probably yards.


Big eye opener for me. The was a little right, ha! Highest pricing when you trade or sell.

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But mph is a strong enough clubhead speed to make use of the red shaft IMHO. The Hibore XL has made golf fun for me. I know because I had one. I am was a strong player who has struggled the past few years with an ugly hook some of the time and draws highbkre of the time. There is a raised dot in the H of HiBore on the sole of teh illegal ones.

Average off the tee is about with a slight at time too much of a draw. I was so impressed I tried the 3 wood and the HiBore iron set. I just played my first round with the HiBore XL yellow shaft Enjoy the article very much.