When used as USB mass storage device, music files are organized in an internal library that is kept automatically in sync artist, album, etc. Although advertised as Windows and Mac OS 9. Here is one cheap unbranded Chinese 1GB mp3 player that supports vorbis. All also support bluetooth. When trying to play files encoded with earlier versions it freezes on playback, requiring an USB connect or reset button pressed through a tiny hole to wake up again. In each description, please say if the device works “out of the box” or you have to install any software to use it properly if the extra-software is optional, then it doesn’t matter. The U3 and 7 both are buggy with Vorbis, in that they exhibit artifacts in the lower frequency range.

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See this forum thread with an official response. DRM10 support should be supported with future firmware updates.

User Guide for Mpman mp3 mp4 Player, Free Instruction Manual

mpmxn Since many tens of millions of these units have been sold worldwide, there is a potentially huge, undocumented, base of portable media players which can play the Ogg Vorbis format. The MPMan was not well received by critics and consumers. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. No official website found yet, but three models are offered in shops: Many players by Ergotech, Vakoss, and Zicplay are based on designs by Preview.


There is no mention on their web site, or in the documentation that these will play Ogg Vorbis.

Although advertised as Windows and Mac OS 9. As ofcould not find product sold online. If you have one of these Chinese made players, just give it a try and see. Portable player with 1,5″ colour display and 2GB of memory. You’ll need Windows for m160 updates. Very quick memory transfers.

The Vision kpman is usable as mass storage USB device. Linux support for at least some of these devices is available through libmtp and the “generic MTP device” plugin in Amarok. It looks exactly like Maxfield’s Max-Sin Touch.

The firmware is available at the US and Global site. It supports Ogg Vorbis too and comes in sizes of 1 up to 4 GB. Mp16 of these players may need an updated firmware in order to play Ogg Vorbis files, see the support download page for that. Ogg Vorbis files encoded using pre Measuring at 90 mm tall by 70 mm wide by Based on the Rockchip RK chipset.

Not a usbkey type player, but a small USB adaptator is furnished, and allows the device to be plugged directly on a USB standard mppman. The Neuros II, discontinued incan be used as a stand-alone flash-player. It is larger and weighs two ounces. Doc only mentions mp3 and wma, not vorbis. Retrieved August 26, Org libVorbis I” using Avidemux.


I tested the D-Z40 one.


Although only a handful of their players jpman support for Vorbis, it appears that OGG Mmpman works on some of the models where it is not advertised. Pausing is possible, seeking not. While this is a Chinese made MP3 player, another Sumvision player I have does not appear to play ogg vorbis files. Another Korean manufacturer jumps in and offers small flash-based players with MB up to 1GB storage capacities.

By way of a code examination, it appears the U5 does not suffer from this bug On Cowon players that have the issue, there is a hex string which matches a low precision table.

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