First, a selection of variables for the multivariate analyses was made based on the statistical significance of the univariate association with weight retention. Even if a stock has been showing a stellar rise in recent times, you have to do your analysis to check factors like new competitors, changing economic conditions, etc. Turkish women in particular had significantly more weight retention in comparison with Dutch women. Coping with perceived racism: The mean age of the women was Perhaps the instrument used for measuring physical activity was insufficiently accurate to pick up an existing association.

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Some strengths and limitations of the present study should be discussed.

Turkish women in particular had significantly more weight retention in comparison with Dutch women. But although women with a Turkish ethnic background have been reported previously to be less physically active than Dutch women, 33 physical activity was neither related v weight retention nor did it attenuate the relationship between ethnicity and weight retention.

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Gender differences in cognitive function and grip strength: Participants celebrate to mark the kickoff of the San Fermin festival in front of Pamplona’s town hall, northern Spain, July 6, This selective drop out and missing data could have influenced our results.

Toxicokinetics of bisphenol A, bisphenol S, and bisphenol F in a pregnancy sheep model. Whether the role of ethnicity was attenuated by adding SES was investigated in Step 2. Parity-associated weight gain and its modification by sociodemographic and behavioral factors: Given the average height of our population of 1.


IXIC is a weighted average that reflects the general performance of the stocks in the exchange. In the last model of the hierarchical multivariate regression analysis, the following bb significantly increased the risk of weight retention: The rise of a stock is just a not a metric to solely base investment decision.

Psychological stress in general, 34 and stress related to discrimination, have been shown to be related to overweight and obesity. Netcials December 5, More Stocks. However, perceived discrimination is unlikely to fully explain that Turkish women had most z retention, since in The Netherlands young Moroccan adults have been shown to perceive more discrimination than their Turkish counterparts. Coping with perceived racism: Neighbourhood income was derived from the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The study protocol was approved by the medical ethical committees of all Amsterdam hospitals, the Central Committee on Research involving Human Subjects in The Netherlands and the Registration Committee of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

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Problems sleeping were measured using three items. More attention should be given to Turkish women during pregnancy and in the postpartum period, in order to prevent overweight and obesity in this group. The role of parental circadian preference in the onset of sleep difficulties in early childhood. Demographic f, lifestyle and mental health in early pregnancy were derived from the pregnancy questionnaire.

Behavioural risk factors in two generations of non-Western migrants: Ghanaian women showed the least weight retention postpartum, but had the highest BMI before and after pregnancy. Insight into these underlying factors is required for developing effective preventive interventions. Postpartum weight retention contributes to the development of 6.007 and obesity in women of childbearing 6.07 and is more pronounced in ethnic minority groups.


Running of the bulls in Pamplona

Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. For instance, Turkish and Moroccan women both from Mediterranean countrieswho are often thought to be similar with regards w health and health behaviour, seemed to have different patterns in weight change, with Turkish women at much higher risk for weight retention than Moroccan women.

Risk of hospital readmission and associated factors after a positive sample for a multidrug-resistant microorganism. Combined effects of maternal smoking status and dietary intake related to weight gain and birth size parameters. Physical activity during aa previous week was scored by calculating a metabolic equivalent MET score for the various reported activities using the compendium of physical activities. It would be relevant to assess whether the differences found between ethnic groups 3—5 months postpartum are maintained over time.

The annual Fiesta de San Fermin, made famous by Ernest Hemmingway’s novel, involves the daily running of the bulls through the historic heart of Pamplona. Impact of perinatal weight change on long-term obesity and obesity-related illnesses. BMI was used as a categorical variable. If you are a long-term investor, ABCD year history report with help you.