Published online May There was a significant intervention effects on the number of days participants had lunch with colleagues, with ABW participants reporting a higher frequency at follow-up compared to baseline, equating to nearly one extra day per week relative to the comparison group. This is in contrast with previous findings examining self-reported productivity after a four-week trial of an ABW designed workplace [ 20 ] but in line with studies examining open-plan or shared offices [ 34 ] and suggests a need to address unique barriers to productivity in the new environment. Data was imputed for 1—10 workdays across the two assessment periods: Marketing and Dissemination; Geneva, Switzerland: A systematic survey of the methods literature on the reporting quality and optimal methods of handling participants with missing outcome data for continuous outcomes in randomized controlled trials.

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The four phases of a New Way of Working. Christhina Candido et al. The greater flexibility and autonomy to structure the work day to suit individual needs was also believed to enhance productivity.

They discussed that this made them feel valued and that their workplace felt friendlier.

As noted above, the monitor used does not adequately distinguish between sitting umpact standing two common postures in the work environmentand the five-day protocol may not have been sufficient to capture habitual behaviour. Satisfaction with Workplace Environment Most interviewed participants reported liking the new ABW working environment, atmosphere and way of working.

Workplace sitting and height-adjustable workstations: It may also have encouraged incidental activity, particularly amongst employees who traditionally ate at their desk.


Between- and within-group differences were examined and mixed model analysis examined intervention effects over time. Leading advisors in activity based working. Thematic analyses were used to summarize impaxt qualitative data [ 31 ] as outlined by Braun and Clarke [ 31 ].

Office design and health: Differences in baseline age, sex, and outcome behaviours between participants with complete accelerometer data and those with only baseline accelerometer data were examined using independent t -tests and chi-square tests.

We note that we attempted to collect inclinometer data in the current study; however, compliance was poor and therefore data are not reported. This natural opportunistic experiment, conducted in one local government area LGA in Victoria, Imppact, involved a quasi-experimental design pre-post design with a comparison group.


The ABW employees reported higher levels of satisfaction with the physical work environment relative to those in the comparison workplace.

Reducing sitting time in office workers: An impzct for assessing workplace productivity in relation to worker health.

The use of objective measures of productivity e. A systematic review and meta-analysis of workplace intervention strategies to reduce sedentary time in white-collar workers. Environmental interventions for altering eating behaviours of employees in the workplace: Effect of physical inactivity on major non-communicable diseases worldwide: Further exploration of other environmental i.

Sedentary time and its association with risk for disease incidence, mortality, and hospitalization in adults: Information about the study was impaact via an email from the CEO and staff were reminded about the study in team meetings. The only significant difference in demographic characteristics between ABW and comparison workplace participants was a higher percentage of ipact in the ABW sample.


The strengths of this study include the objective measure of workplace physical activity and sedentary behaviour; and importantly, the inclusion of a comparison group enabling both within and between-group differences to be examined. We will also send you an email confirming all your order details including your products, costs and delivery address details.


Some ABW employees suggested that although they were interacting with more people than they used to, they felt less connected with the people in their own team, which may have also influenced work productivity. You feel valued on that perspective. By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License.

Some participants acknowledged that while the organization was more connected, they felt less connected with their immediate team members, which they believed adversely impacted team morale and productivity. Desk ownership in the workplace: Short-term efficacy of a multicomponent intervention. When you need to work with someone, you know them better and can work quicker.