These molecules block ultra- violet energy streaming in from space. This is especial ty true when both images are sub- jected to the common denominator im- posed! Jupiter, or Zeus to the Greeks, com- monly appears on the obverse front side of Antiochian money from tlux and earlier eras, But the use of the ram started when the city became the capital of a newly expanded province of Syria that incorpo- rated Judea. In the latter ease optical delay paths must be provided for the beams from each aperture. Moving northward, it crosses the celestial equator in December as it approaches its January, ? Some sarr of electromag- netic or gravitational force w-ouid have to be used.

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Mkhcison’s original instrument was an amp] it ude interferometer, in which light waves from two apertures ate combined before they arc detected.

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Studies of the energy spectrum of such particles and of their nuclear composition offer clue’. Significantly, radio astronomers have shown it is nol -necessary to have measure- men is tor every possible spacing arid orien- tation in the aperture that is being syn- thesized, If the gaps in the spa rings are not too large, computer processing can smooth xvr over with negligible loss of definition in the reconstructed image.

On one side these disks depict Aries, the ram, along with cither kaart star or a star and the crescent Moon. But which planet would it be? They also show thal the distances to the pulsar and the remnant are both ahout liLOOQ Light -years, providing strong evi- dence that the two are indeed related. Surprisingly, both mysteries seem tp have the same resolution: While details differ mark- edly, these interferometers have many fea- tures in common.


He found a solution to Finsiein’s equations for a gravitational field, that, with hindsight, we now know describes two black holes connected by a wormhole, Because both its entrance and exit arc located inside black holes, such a tunnel can’t be used av 3 shortcut.

We might rethink much of physics as a result. A repeat o I our Eclipse Flight over Finland, this is the best way — the only wny — to see the event! There exist several possi- sp-9084 explanations for why they linger on the hydrogen- burning main sequence SAT: This 65 -million-year-old deposit oc- curred around the time the dinosaurs and many other sredcs became extinct.

We cannot acknowledge classified ad orders nor send checking copies to prove insertion. Of the hundreds of books sutondl. Neverthe- less, if we could, somehow teach in and pluck a microscopic wormhole from this froth and expand it to macroscopic pro- portions, we could use il as a lime ma- chine.

Their calculations could have revealed the occultation even if they could not see it. R lies Jardift, 23 Tarrsage l.

Finally, the Christmas star should be obscure in some way, Vo that the astrologers knew of it, but King Herod, tiis advisers, and the people of Jerusalem did not. It turns out I hat Mars exhibits a similarly bright patch, he radar signature of its ice-rich south polar cap September,page Seven 1 -meter ItLexcnpes would be arranged in a V shape- armind a centra] laboratory.

Unfortunately this kind of instrutnenl requires very large apertures and even then is relatively insensitive.

Jart Light from each small aperture interferes with that from all the others, and the image formed is the sum of all ihc interference patterns. Wore important, though, is how it helps you- make sense of he night sky.


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. In he case of gravity, however, the field concerned is intimately rda-ted to the structure of space-lime itself. IWl r 3S7 pages. Stem ark ably, wc already may be surrounded by microscopic ones in the dvg of “space-ume foam,” According to the quantum theory of gravity, the gravita- tional field should be subject lo the same sort of vacuum fluctuations as the electro- magnetic.

In my analysis this scene represents a lunar occupation of Venus in Aries On the morning of April Along with a lot of other informal ton, he includes an entertaining i able listing a selection of fairly recent, often mutually exclusive estimates of the Hubble parameter.

Mi phi some of the most energetic particles come from beyond our galaxy? In contrast, the next few years will see the completion of several ground -based optical interferometers. But that was enough lo tell waiting engineers that the spacecraft survived without incident and that scientific obser- vations occuncd as planned.

Q0 per y tfl r in lhe Un. As in che first occurrence, the Moon would have been hard to spot this time loo. Physics does not permil such inconsist- encies.