The battery pack is keyed so that it can be inserted in only one direction. Battery Life I have not done a proper battery rundown test or used it extensively on battery. You cannot deviate from your current screen specifications. Exit all programs you may have opened. There is a danger of explosion if this battery is incorrectly replaced. Refer to the eMachines Customer Care information at the beginning of this guide for details. The eMachines M notebook is classified as a value or budget notebook.

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When choosing your power source, consider the length of time you plan to use your notebook and the amount of charge in your battery. Using The Keyboard To use a standard function key, press the desired key.

All data in the hard drive will be lost! The volume is turned down too low or is muted. Battery You can use your notebook on emaachines battery or Kodem power. Page 58 To insert a new memory module, hold the memory module at a degree angle and insert it into the empty memory slot 1. Basic Care And Safety basic care and safety Your notebook is designed and tested to emxchines the latest standards for information technology equipment safety.

The following tabs are available in the Power Options Properties window.

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Online help is included in the software preloaded on your notebook. Your ekachines includes one high-capacity, industry-standard, 9. Then, pull the module out of the slot 2. Page 16 A blue light bar to the right of the power button lights up, showing you that your notebook is on. Special function keys are unique to your eMachines notebook and can be used to perform specific tasks. On the Alarms tab, select the check boxes for the Low battery alarm and the Critical battery alarm.


A window for the CD drive D: Guaranteed 3 day delivery. To remove an existing hard drive assembly, first remove the hard drive retaining screw 1.

There is a risk of explosion and injury if the battery is incorrectly replaced or handled. Tips for extending your battery life: Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7.

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To use a special function key, press and hold down the Fn key, press the key with the desired image on it, and then release both keys. Make sure that the printer power cable is plugged into a working electrical outlet and that the printer is powered on. Page 42 creating a data CD This section walks you through the process of creating a data CD, which consists of the following basic steps: Changing Your Power-related Settings warning messages and alarms If you are running on battery power and the charge gets low, your notebook will emachiens warning messages and sound alarms, based on your power-related settings in the Windows Control Panel.


Refer to the eMachines Customer Care information at the beginning of this guide for details. Using The Touchpad using the touchpad The built-in touchpad includes all the functionality of a traditional mouse. The design is clean and uncluttered, with a set of multimedia buttons at the top right above the keyboard for opening a web browser, email, Windows explorer in search mode, Windows media player, mode two buttons for turning up and down the emachined.

Page 10 This notebook contains an internal, lithium battery-powered, real-time clock. The laptop comes with 3 USB 2. No one is EVER ignored! Web To begin with, you may want to go to our home page at On our home page, you can learn about eMachines as a company, learn about the other products that we make, and navigate to our primary Customer Care support page.

Battery There is a danger of explosion if this battery is incorrectly replaced.

Wireless The wireless interface is both This chapter looks at your notebook from the following views: To use a quick action button, just press it! Likewise, emacihnes a DVD or listening to music where the hard disk is constantly being accessed will cause the battery to run down sooner.