Also on the bottom panel is the digital connection jack, which connects the camera to the separately available cradle or to the supplied USB cable. Click here for a print-optimized page. On a sunny day I had great difficulty checking focus on the LCD screen, even when shielding it with my hand. In addition to the 3x optical zoom, the F Zoom’s digital telephoto option enlarges the image as much as 4. Executive Overview Sleek lines and smooth contours define the distinctive design of Fujifilm’s recently released FinePix F Zoom camera. Shot at a rate of USB cable, hand strap, power adapter.

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Fujifilm FinePix F Zoom Review: Digital Photography Review

Just below the Open Flash button, this button backs out of menu selections and preview screens, serving as the “Cancel” key. Cards of this size are cheap enough these days that you should really consider one as standard equipment for a camera like the F The camera sports a 3. Given that I generally prefer LCD monitors to be as close to percent accuracy as possible, the F Zoom falls short in this area. A fifth flash mode, Suppressed, is accessed simply by returning the flash to its compartment, preventing the flash from firing at all.

The framing guideline function divides the image area into thirds horizontally and vertically, to help you line up shots.

Fujifilm FinePix F601 Zoom

An interesting ‘pick the best photo’ experiment has been taking place on the internet and now, the results have been announced so let’s find out which smartphone, the world, thinks takes the best photos. Gear of the Year – Richard’s Choice: The majority of the fujifiom external controls are on the rear panel, along with the optical viewfinder and LCD monitor.


Full specsBrochure PDF. Shutter lag, manual focus 0. Officials say ‘rogue drones’ have caused ‘chaos’ and shut down London’s Gatwick airport.

For all warnings, a detailed message appears in the LCD monitor, if it’s activated. SmartMedia cards are available in sizes as large as MB, and I highly recommend picking up a larger card given the F Zoom’s large file sizes. Perhaps their greatest strength lies in the excellent color that’s become a hallmark of Fuji’s camera lineup.

The front of the F Zoom is sleek with a matte, silver finish and lightly sculpted design elements. Explore the images on the pictures pageto see how well the F Zoom performed, and how its images compare to other cameras you may be considering buying. It has the usual adjacent green light to indicate whether the correct focus has been achieved.

For both types of audio recording, Fuji recommends placing the microphone on the front panel at least 7. These numbers agreed well with my own testing, and if anything are a little on the conservative side.

FinePix F Zoom Timings. Fujifilm have obviously concentrated hard on providing that little extra finesse to this camera and it’s worked well. Situated to the right of the Mode switch and Back button, this rocker toggle features eight arrows four point up, down, left, and right, with the remaining four pointing to directions in between.


Fuji FinePix F601 Zoom

Dec 22, video. FinePix F Test Images 1.

On a sunny day I had great difficulty checking focus on the LCD screen, even when shielding it with my hand. The NP battery and SmartMedia card slots line up side-by-side vertically, making the most of the small space available. The SmartMedia slot is on the right side of the camera, and the card f610 with the gold electrodes going in first, facing the front of the camera. Lens System Optical Zoom.

When or 1, equivalents are selected, the image resolution is automatically set to 1, x pixels with Normal JPEG compression. The Audio mode records audio files for as long as 4. The LCD monitor reports the aperture and shutter speed information when the Shutter button is halfway pressed, a finepi feature when you’re trying for special exposure effects.

Fujifilm FinePix F Zoom review. Movie Mode Indicated on the Exposure Mode dial by a tiny movie camera symbol, Movie mode captures movies with sound for as long as the SmartMedia card fujlfilm available memory space. Opposite the viewfinder is a bank of controls, which includes the Open Flash latch button, Back button, Multifunction pad control, and sliding Mode switch.