Black screen with Nvidia Optimus proprietary driver since 1. The EDID information can be saved using the read-edid utility. For instance, the default value is 60 which is in fact 64mb. Do you think this error is related to modesetting in kernel? Multiple versions are available for installation, depending on the card s that the system has. Installing nvidia-drivers outside of package manager as described below can be problematic. Views Read View form View source View history.

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NVidia/nvidia-drivers – Gentoo Wiki

Modify the user ID for the device file. Then log in and then click here to edit this page. It is not exciting process; time could be spent on something more interesting, but if debugging is required in order to get Propriietary working then it needs to happen. Some of these hardware configurations would not work properly in AGP 4x mode when others would.

I’ve also disabled the onboard graphics card in favor of the AGP version of the card listed.

Some have even reported damage to hardware enabling this when it is not properly supported. I can’t provide the information you requested in a comment, so here goes: The user s needing to access the video card will need to be added to the video group:.


The PAT method creates a partition type table ;roprietary a specific address mapped inside the register and utilizes the memory architecture and instruction set more efficiently and faster.

Note Since xorg 1. I thought it was related to this bug: If the user has chosen to not use built-in modules, then the init system should load the necessary modules on system boot.

However, it is strange as this is against Nvidia advise which says: If the in-kernel agpgart module is not used, then the drivers will use its own agpgart implementation, called NvAGP.

No space left on device Comment 3 Samuel Renaud Do you think this error is related to modesetting in kernel? It should proprierary the nvidia module name:. This is one of the latest and newest additions to the Nvidia driver modules option.

Package:NVIDIA Linux Display Drivers

If you installed debian-sources with the binary USE flag you will need to blacklist the nouveau module. Create a new file called nvidia. The order of precidence is simple, with the internal settings being least important, configuration file settings next, and command line options being propprietary important.

Ensure you’ve blacklisted the Nouveau drivers see abovethen execute the package with. See also the –utils-make command line option.


Sign up using Email and Password. Configure crtc 2 failed X Error of failed request: Comment 9 Marco Leise What combination of window manager, drivers, kernel please mention specific kernel options that are crucialX configuration and media player will give me the best results?

NVIDIA/Optimus – Gentoo Wiki

If propruetary all was used to configure the kernel, then everything is all set. Note The information in this section in unnecessary for systems that do not implement signed kernel modules.

If the system supports this 8GT high speed bus then enable it with this module option flag. Lately there seems to be some breaking with playback of some gebtoo of video with the NVIDIA binary drivers, causing slow video playback or significant stuttering.

Nviddia the system has a card that needs these drivers then it is recommended to use the nouveau driver. Multiple versions are available for installation, depending on the card s that the system has.

These options are not forgiving, so be careful with the parameters.