Hello Ian, Well, it sounds as if somewhere along the line you started picking up the HSQLdb jar distributed by the upstream project, rather then the jar file distributed with the application. Tue, 04 Aug – In reply to this post by Ian Whitfield Hi, I have several. Check out the FAQ! It comes and goes based on mood swings I guess.

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Was exactly the right answer. How to display name field from second table in a query. What DB are you using – libreofdice, split, external?

No SDBC driver found |

This is now urgent and I must get an answer to this. Is it possible to see what the permissions of a file are set as? Basf have downloaded version 5.

Ratslinger, in answer to your questions: Tabbed forms within a Main Form. Lost page breaks on xlsx file [closed].

Base – No SDBC driver found!!

How to display name field from second table in a query. The more information you can provide on what is going on like upgrading from another LO version; 32 to 64 bit; DB bsse the more likely someone can help.


In reply to this post by Ian Whitfield Am My guess is a possible incorrect Java installed.

Deleting wasn’t necessary as you can have many versions installed. I started up an existing database and tried running a Query via a form and got an error with the following details. The connection to the external data source could not be established.

No SDBC driver found

However, I can edit the databases on any machine without any issues. I’ve Googled about this and it looks vase if this is a known current “Bug” that has not been fixed. Check out the FAQ! In reply to this post by Ian Whitfield.

The connection to the external data source could not bwse established. Hello, Can’t give a definitive answer based upon information given thus far.

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I would also un-instal your current version first. Hi Tom, I would if Lbreoffice could ie. Can you create a new embedded Base file? A connection for the following URL was requested “sdbc: Glad all is working.


How do I tag this as “Solved”. I have 4 or so installed.

The HSqlDb version that is embedded in Base is a bit poor compared to using the proper version of HSqlDb and then use that as a back end with Base as the front-end. If this is not the problem, then sdnc the data base you have connected to in the past originated form Access.

I’m having a similar problem except all of a sudden, LibreOffice can’t find ANY Java on my computer dsbc matter what I do even though it formerly worked.

No SDBC driver was found for the URL ‘sdbc:embedded:hsqldb’. – Ask LibreOffice

Date – newest first Date – oldest first. In reply to this post by Fernand Vanrie OK!!! If you need a log, please tell me how to get it.