People are great Management no so much. There is a deep, deep habit of bullying in Lordco from the long-time employees. Questions about Lordco Parts Ltd. The first week was actually amazing! Questions about Lordco Parts Ltd.

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One of the management persons was such a terrible person and never wanted to help with any problem solving. Lordcl it direct company hiring or through agency? To support its commitment to service, Lordco also purchased a local machine shop in order to offer more complete automotive solutions to its customers.

Our shipper, aka our kinda sorta boss but extremely mean, and if he was having a good day he was just rude. If you have other employment options, take them. lorsco

Easy job just driving all day, but the cars are absolute garbage. Thirdly, you’ll learn A LOT.

Lordco Parts Ltd. Employee Reviews

The hardest part of the job is being able to keep up with day to day tasks. Not a great experience. Lordco presently stocks overpart numbers in our system, including a full line of automotive parts and supplies, a complete line of auto body supplies, high performance parts and accessories, industrial and welding supplies, and a complete line of garage equipment and professional tools.


As well, another machine shop was opened in Langley to meet the demands of customers on the south side of the Fraser River. The first week was actually amazing! Good Place To Start. Always a ton of drama. Locations all over BC.

Lordco Parts Ltd. Employee Reviews in Maple Ridge, BC

Basically, the staff are treated like dirt and nobody wants to hear you complain so you must just keep it loreco yourself. Our community is ready to answer.

A simple combination of their surnames gave the company its name, and they hired one employee to help them in their modest square foot store in Maple Ridge, B. Warehousing can no longer be efficiently supplied from one central location so in response, remote warehousing locations have oarts developed. Privacy Policy Site Terms Sitemap.

What’s New at Lordco – Lordco Parts Ltd.

If this sounds like a high school culture to you, you’re right, because not many of the employees here have an education higher than a high school level and very few have an intelligence greater than a grade 9 level, despite graduating.

I had one week where I was properly trained on delivery driving. The plan remained to grow at a controlled rate, and the two owners continued to reinvest their profits in order to strengthen the company. As a cashier you are in charge of the front end including cleaning and aprts shelves, clean work area, and dealing with customers. You are constantly on the go and there is always something to do once a task has been finished.


You pay through the nose for their “amazing” benefits! I was hiried on as a delivery lordcl. The most enjoyable part of the job is getting to work with some great people.

Products – Lordco Parts Ltd.

Next came expansion to Mission, B. The formula would prove to be the right one.

As the business gathered momentum, plans for the first expansion were developed. Gee I wonder why? Working as a driver is probably the best position you could get at Lordco. I was applauded when I spoke of drinking alcohol after work, but chastised when I mentioned going to the gym or going for a run.

The management is really good with a very safe work environment and flexible schedule. Lordco needs to learn to pay employees better.